Powder coating properties

Main powder coating properties: dispersion composition, flowability, hygroscopicity, saturation density, and pseudo-dilution ability. Composition of dispersion. Large particle size is observed after particle size powder paints. Permissible size is from 5 to 350 mkm. Depending on the method of application of the paint, the permissible particle size varies. Flowability. Requirements for all powder coating paints Read More

Powder Coating – Types and Properties:

Powder Coating – is a solid dispersion composition that includes special film-forming resins, hardeners, pigments and special additives. There are two large powder coating groups depending on the film-forming type: thermoplastic and thermosetting. In the first group of powder coatings based on thermoplastic film makers, the coating is formed without chemical transformation to the melting Read More

Advantages of polymer coating

Polymer painting has several advantages other than other colors: Attractive form. Polymer staining is different from all other types of painting. A similar effect can be obtained with enamel coating, but the quality of such coating is significantly worse. Impressive resistance to mechanical damage. The color remains on the metal surface and does not bite Read More

Advantages of powder coating

The coating process with powdered polymer paint involves the application of a powder coating to a metal article. Thus, a new and effective appearance of the product can be obtained. In addition, color is incredibly resistant to mechanical effects and various external environmental influences, including acid and alkaline fluids. In this way, the customer receives Read More