Main powder coating properties:

dispersion composition, flowability, hygroscopicity, saturation density, and pseudo-dilution ability.

Composition of dispersion.

Large particle size is observed after particle size powder paints. Permissible size is from 5 to 350 mkm. Depending on the method of application of the paint, the permissible particle size varies.


Requirements for all powder coating paints – good flowability. If there is insufficient fluidity, it is difficult to overcoat the paint. Criterion for assessing fluidity – the rate of internal friction angle of the powder. At normal flow, the natural angle curvature is usually between 36 and 45 degrees

Another feature of powder coating is hygroscopy.

Powder coating has moisture absorption properties. As a result, the flowability of the powder is reduced. The electrical parameters of the paint may change and this may be reflected in the film formation.

Density density.

It is one of the most characteristic and the most characteristic properties of powder color. The density density of the industrial powder paint is from 200 to 800 kg / m2.Sis indicator depends on the color composition, shape and degree of polydisperse particle size.

Pseudo-separating properties

– the formation of a boiling particle layer, which is required by the technology to form the coating depends on the structure and properties of the powder. Pseudo-liquefaction is not able to form strong, wet, dispersible powder with a natural angle of 43 degrees. It is especially good for powders that consist of larger particles that are more ball-shaped.

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