The coating process with powdered polymer paint

involves the application of a powder coating to a metal article. Thus, a new and effective appearance of the product can be obtained. In addition, color is incredibly resistant to mechanical effects and various external environmental influences, including acid and alkaline fluids. In this way, the customer receives not only a beautifully treated item, but also gets the opportunity to keep the item intact for longer.

Metal painting with powdered polymer paint

is considered one of the most advanced and qualitative coating methods. However, in order to carry out this painting process, you need a complete set of equipment that all companies are not able to buy. That’s why we offer our services to companies that work with metal products. Our coverage will last long and of high quality.

Polymer painting

with a wide range of colors can give elegance and ease to any metal product. Available in any color tones – from the brightest to the darkest. In addition, powder can be used to cover almost any metal items used in everyday life.
Polymer dye metal products are unmatched durable and long lasting. Of course, such painting is not cheap, but at home it is not possible to get this result with your own hands.

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